If you're in the Miami area, save yourself shipping costs and take advantage of our walk-in service.

Office hours are 10am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, EST.

To ship your camcorder or other equipment to us for repair, we recommend UPS, FedEx Ground, or USPS. In a hurry? Use FedEx Express.

Please package your equipment as follows:

  • Remove any tapes, cards, lenses, and other accessories that are not part of the problem being repaired. Send only the necessary components.
  • Place your camera or other equipment in a plastic bag. Seal the bag closed.
  • Pack your equipment in a sturdy box, large enough for plenty of packing material on all sides.
  • Use bubble wrap or some other type of standard packing material. This is available at most office supply stores like Office Depot or Staples. You can also use crumpled wads of newspaper.
  • Include a completed copy of our Repair Form.
  • Ship your package using your preferred carrier and insure your package for the value of your equipment.

Shipping Address:

Budget Video Repair
1825 NE 149 Street
Miami, Florida 33181

Phone: 305.954.8888 (required by FedEx)

United States Postal Service
FedEx Express