We Service what we rent

We've been renting video production equipment to professionals since 1972. At our technicians repair everything we rent. No matter which camera model you own, chances are we've repaired it. We also have a lot of experience using all of the different cameras in the field. Troubleshooting problems is second nature for us.


For $99.00, our technicians will perform a diagnostic evaluation of your camera and will have an estimate ready in 7 to 10 business days. If you agree to proceed with the repair, the $99.00 is fully applied to the repair and parts costs. All estimates and repairs include free return shipping. Repairs cannot begin without customer approval.

Download a Repair Form

All Repairs Done In-House

We do not send repairs out to other shops. Our technicians will repair your camera alongside the cameras we own. We've been renting and repairing cameras for literally decades so we have many spare parts in stock.


All work is guaranteed for 30 days on the parts that we replaced and labor related to the issue we fixed. We stand behind our work 100%. For obvious reasons we cannot warranty other parts of the camera or new problems that are unrelated to any problems we fixed. Our warranty does not cover misuse from impact, water damage, improper handling, etc.

We Buy Cameras for Parts

In almost every case, camcorders are worth repairing. Once in a while we'll see a camera that's too far gone to repair. If you have a badly damaged camcorder that you would rather sell for parts, please contact us and we very well may buy it from you outright.